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RFC-5849 complaint oauth toolkit.

Yeah, yet another OAuth toolkit for node.js.

Most of npm modules are not 100% complaint to RFC-5849. These modules are failing on example of the spec. Especially when there are multiple parameters with same key like a=1&a=2, these modules overwrites former parameters with later parameters, and it results to wrong base string. And there is also a case that sort algorithm in parameter normalization deviates from the spec.

This module provides low level API for calculating oauth signature to present and validate the steps described in the specification. It may not fit your purpose if you are looking for a convinient oauth library.


npm install oauth-toolkit


var oauth = require('oauth-toolkit');
var signature = oauth.signature(
    'POST', // requestMethod 
    '', // url 
    'c2&a3=2+q', // body 
        consumerKey: '9djdj82h48djs9d2',
        consumerSecret: 'j49sk3j29djd',
        token: 'kkk9d7dh3k39sjv7',
        tokenSecret: 'dh893hdasih9',
        nonce: '7d8f3e4a',
        signatureMethod: 'HMAC-SHA1',
        timestamp: '137131201',
require('assert').equal(signature, 'r6/TJjbCOr97/+UU0NsvSne7s5g=');