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A sickly simple class-based library for Angular animations.

Built on Animate.css and animate-stylus, nzAnimate not only provides the regular functionality of Animate.css, but also provides easier classes for Angular animations on directives like ng-repeat (ng-enter, ng-leave), ng-hide, ng-show, or any other directives that leverage the ngAnimate module.

Awesome Demo


$ bower/npm install nz-animate --save


Plain ol' Animate

<div class="animate bounceInDown"></div>

Show / Hide

<div class="animate enter-bounceInDown exit-bounceOutUp" ng-show="isShowing">Stuff</div>

Replace bounceInDown or bounceOutUp with any animation you see in the demo.

Animation Speed

<div class="animate enter-bounceInDown exit-bounceOutUp speed-300" ng-hide="!isShowing">Stuff</div>

Default Speed: 700ms

Out of the box, nzAnimate supports any speed from speed-0 to speed-4000 in increments of 50.


<div class="animate enter-bounceInDown exit-bounceOutUp stagger-100" ng-repeat="thing in things">

Out of the box, nzAnimate supports any stagger from stagger-0 to stagger-1000 in increments of 50.

Put it all together...

Using all of these together, everything will animate on creation, exit, re-entry, show, hide, move, etc...

<div class="animate bounceInDown enter-bounceInDown exit-bounceOutUp speed-500 stagger-100" ng-repeat="thing in things">

Custom Builds...

Simply edit /src/config.hjson to your liking!

  speed: {
    default: 1000,
    start: 0,
    end: 6000,
    increment: 100
  stagger: {
    start: 0,
    end: 500,
    increment: 25
  ieSupport: true,
  vendors: ['official', 'webkit', 'moz', '...']
  animations: ['bounceDownIn', 'bounceUpOut', '...'],

Then: $ npm install $ gulp build

Roadmap & Contributing

  1. Integrate the rest of the animations available from Animate.css (not too many). Our animate-stylus repo is currently forked at,

  2. Lessen the size of the default build.

All PR's and contributions are more than welcome!