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The New York Public Radio UI Library

The goal of this ember add on is to centralize all of our common UI components so we can avoid branching dependencies and also provide a way for the multiple client apps to share reusable code.

Install and Setup

$ npm install --save-dev nypublicradio/nypr-ui

As of this writing, this provides access to these SASS partials:

@import "nypr-ui/buttons";
@import "nypr-ui/card";
@import "nypr-ui/input";
@import "nypr-ui/vars";

Careful when using these. nypr-ui/card, nypr-ui/input, and nypr-ui/buttons all output CSS, so they should not be imported more than once in a project or else your CSS will become bloated.

Most Common Use Case

Looks like this:

// project/app/styles/app.scss
@import "nypr-ui";

@import "your-local-partial";
@import "another-local-partial";

Then you can freely use mixins or override styles defined in nypr-ui.

Notes for Addons

When using this library in an addon, some things to remember.

  • Add an included hook to the addon's index.js:
// index.js
module.exports = {
  included: function() {
    this._super.included(this, arguments);
  • If you're using ember-cli-sass or ember-cli-compass-compiler, special care needs to be taken when arranging your sass files.
|__ styles/
    |__ addon.scss # empty file; include it so the compilers don't choke

|__ styles/
    |__ <your-addon-name>.scss # put your styles and exportable sass mixins here

|__ dummy/
    |__ app/
        |__ styles/
            |__ app.scss # dummy app styles go here, never touched by consuming app or addons

With this structure, apps or addons which consume your addon should be have access to your sass mixins through @import "<your-addon-name>";.

  • If you're using ember-cli-sass or ember-cli-compass-compiler, they need to be listed in the dependencies section of your package.json -- not the devDependencies section. And remember that those addons are mutually exclusive.


This add-on also provides a few components which can be invoked in templates:

  • nypr-form: basic form which abstracts a lot of boilerplate for using changesets
  • nypr-card: basic UI widget
  • nypr-multi-card: switch between multiple panels in the same card
  • nypr-input: form field with error states. compatible with changesets
  • nypr-social-icons: a list of links formatted as a row of font awesome icons
  • nypr-svg: add svg icons in your templates


  • git clone git@github.com:nypublicradio/nypr-ui.git this repository
  • cd nypr-ui
  • npm install
  • bower install


  • npm run lint:js
  • npm run lint:js -- --fix

Running tests

  • ember test – Runs the test suite on the current Ember version
  • ember test --server – Runs the test suite in "watch mode"
  • npm test – Runs ember try:each to test your addon against multiple Ember versions

Running the dummy application

For more information on using ember-cli, visit https://ember-cli.com/.


This project is licensed under the MIT License.



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