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    Nylas Node.js SDK

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    This is the GitHub repository for the Nylas Node SDK and this repo is primarily for anyone who wants to make contributions to the SDK or install it from source. If you are looking to use Node to access the Nylas Email, Calendar, or Contacts API you should refer to our official Node SDK Quickstart Guide.

    The Nylas Communications Platform provides REST APIs for Email, Calendar, and Contacts, and the Node SDK is the quickest way to build your integration using JavaScript.

    Here are some resources to help you get started:

    ⚙️ Install

    To run the Nylas Node SDK, you will first need to have Node and npm installed on your machine.

    Then, head to the nearest command line and run the following: npm install nylas

    Alternatively, if you prefer to use Yarn, you can install the Nylas Node SDK with yarn add nylas

    To install this package from source, clone this repo and run npm install from inside the project directory.

    git clone
    cd nylas-nodejs
    npm install

    ⚡️ Usage

    Every resource (i.e., messages, events, contacts) is accessed via an instance of Nylas. Before making any requests, be sure to call config and initialize the Nylas instance with your clientId and clientSecret. Then, call with and pass it your accessToken. The accessToken allows Nylas to make requests for a given account's resources.

    const Nylas = require('nylas');
      clientId: CLIENT_ID,
      clientSecret: CLIENT_SECRET,
    const nylas = Nylas.with(ACCESS_TOKEN);

    Then, you can use Nylas to access information about a user's account:

    nylas.threads.list({}).then(threads => {

    For more information about how to use the Nylas Node SDK, take a look at our quickstart guide.

    💙 Contributing

    Please refer to Contributing for information about how to make contributions to this project. We welcome questions, bug reports, and pull requests.

    📝 License

    This project is licensed under the terms of the MIT license. Please refer to LICENSE for the full terms.


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