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    Jam3 Static Generator

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    Jam3 Static Frontend App Generator with no build configuration and no prompts.



    To create a new project based on the generator there are a few ways:

    1. Using the generator npm package.
    2. Generate the output template.
    3. Copy and paste and update some values in the template.

    Using the npm package

    The nyg generator is designed to function similar to yeoman. To get it running, simply follow these steps:

    npm i nyg -g
    npm i nyg-static-jam3 -g
    cd your-project-directory
    nyg nyg-static-jam3

    React Static

    See for more details on how React Static is intergrated with this generator

    Generate the output template

    Do this if you have the source code and want to generate a version ready to be used in a project.

    1. Make sure you are in the root of the generator
    2. Run npm test
    3. Copy/Paste the files in /test/output/ into your project folder.
    4. Update the and package.json

    Developer Contribution Guide

    Contribute with boilerplate

    1. Go to /templates
    2. Run npm i
    3. Ready to go, everything is inside that folder

    Contribute with the generation

    1. Review /index.js, everything is there

    If you are looking to contribute with the generator is important to read the Developer Contribution Guide

    Developer Guide

    We are using react-static as a base; you can checkout their Documentation.

    You can checkout our Developer Guides to know more about the features and customizations.

    Main scripts


    Publishing to production



    npm i nyg-static-jam3

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