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    A dark color scheme CSS files for coverage tool jest, nyc / istanbul-reports, the full-featured javascript coverage tool.


    To provide a dark color scheme for coverage tools with html output based on istanbul-reports. For accessibility, for those who have visual difficulties or for those who just prefer a dark color theme when viewing their coverage results.


    In this release (version: 3.0.3) we provide a replacement for base.css and prettify.css with a dark color scheme for use in istanbul browser based coverage reports.

    • Contains only the dark scheme.


    • None known. Please report any you discover.


    After installing nyc-dark you need to copy the CSS files to your coverage output directory to view the html output with a dark color scheme.

    For example, if you have a coverage npm run script already configured you can add a coverage:dark script to view the HTML output in a dark theme.

    Assuming your coverage tool outputs to coverage/index.html then you can configure your package.json as follows:

    // in package.json:
    "scripts": {
      "coverage": "nyc mocha ... or jest ...",
      "coverage:dark": "npm run coverage",
      "postcoverage:dark": "cp ./node_modules/nyc-dark/*.css coverage/",

    Then you run the dark coverage with:

    npm run coverage:dark

    And back to the light coverage with:

    npm run coverage

    If you have the coverage being generated every time a file changes you can have a separate shell script which copies the files every time the coverage updates:

    ./node_modules/nyc-dark/ coverage/

    Every time the coverage output is updated the CSS files will be copied to the output directory.

    Color Scheme Differences

    Nyc Dark Theme

    Nyc Dark Theme - Summary Page

    Nyc Dark Theme - Source Code

    Nyc Default Theme

    Nyc Default Theme - Summary Page

    Nyc Default Theme - Source Code

    Release History

    • 3.0.2 release to match istanbul-reports stylesheets.
    • 3.0.3 patch fix and improve dark scheme syntax highligh contrast.


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