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$ npm i -D nyan-progress-webpack-plugin


Add this to your webpack plugin:

var NyanProgressPlugin = require('nyan-progress-webpack-plugin');
plugins: [
  new NyanProgressPlugin()  

NB: use webpack.ProgressPlugin carefully with this plugin. If you used it just for progress logging, you can remove it.


new NyanProgressPlugin(options)
Name Signature Default Value Description
logger function(message, ...) console.log Function used for logging
hookStdout Boolean true If true, patches process.stdout.write during progress and counts extraneous log messages, to position Nyan Cat properly
getProgressMessage function(progress, messages, styles) ... Gets custom progress message. styles is provided for convenience (exported from ansi-styles module)
debounceInterval Number 180 Defines how often getProgressMessage is called (in milliseconds)
nyanCatSays function(progress, messages) progress === 1 && 'Nyan!' Override this function to define what nyan cat is saying
restoreCursorPosition Boolean false Enable this flag, if your terminal supports saving/restoring cursor position, for better output handling