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nyam is a node.js CLI tool for easy posting and reading of Yammer feeds.


With npm:

npm install nyam


Usage: nyam [options] [data]

-h, --help        Display this help page
-l, --list        Display messages inside the general feed
                     ex: nyam -l
-m, --msg          Post a message to yammer
                     ex: nyam -m "I'm working on nyam"
                     ex: nyam "I don't require a switch"
-s, --setup       It will start the setup/auth process
                     ex: nyam
--verbose         Display more execution data, including errors
                     ex: nyam -s --verbose
-v, --version     Display version
                     ex: nyam -v
-f,  --find       Find + search mechanism 
                     ex: nyam -f "todo"
Coming Soon:

-g,  --group       Specify a group to view messages from or post a message to
                   Used alone, it will list groups that you can post to.
-rt, --realtime    A flag you can set to get realtime updates
-t,  --topic       Getting messages from a certain topic
-f,  --search      Search for tags and returns 10 items
-u,  --users       Lists all users in the network

Setup your Yammer account w/ nyam

You can you application keys, or log on to Yammer and get your own app keys.<DOMAIN>/client_applications/new

To override nyam with your own app keys create the following file:


and add the following

    "app_consumer_key": "<CONSUMER KEY HERE>",
    "app_consumer_secret": "<CONSUMER SECRET HERE>"

NOW, you can start the setup process

$nyam -s


For developers

Also check out our issues area for things people are requesting or bugs (not many right now hehe)

Don't be shy! :-)