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Framework for createing JSON based web services and realtime web apps runing on nodejs.

This is a still working on project, don't use just yet.


  • Declare service protocol and beans with YAML or JSON
  • Generate server side code with according to service declarations
  • Generate easy to use client side apis for: Android, iOS, plain Java, JavaScript with jQuery
  • Service testing tool runing on browser
  • View and template based web app compilation


This package is not used as an included module. It's a command line software.

Usage: nwa <command> [options]

  init     Create a bootstrap nwa project
  run      Start running the http server
  start    Start http server as daemon
  stop     Terminate running daemon http server
  restart  Terminate running daemon http server and start a new one
  build    Front-end apps and service implementations will be updated
  watch    Issue build when detected change. May not work on some os
  poll     Issue build every second. Use when watch is not supported

  --help, -h  Show help                                                [boolean]
  --dir, -d   Base directory of the nwa project. Current working directory by