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NW.js Application Initializer

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Node plugin for creating scaffolding necessary to start a new NW.js application. This creates the project structure need to build Windows and OSX Applications. It also will package your application into a sexy and simple setup installer DMG or EXE. Initialized application automatically include Bootstrap and JQuery.


Install this node module globally.

npm install -g nw-init


Give a path to the new project folder. If no path is set, it will install in the current working directory.

nw-init ~/Desktop/MyNewApp


In order to build your new application, there are some external global dependencies that are required.


Grunt is required to build. See the getting started guide.

npm install -g grunt-cli


makensis is required to create the Windows setup executable. Can be installed with brew:

brew install makensis


node-appdmg is required to create the OS X DMG installer image.

npm install -g appdmg


On OSX if building for Windows, Wine needs to be installed to create the application icon. Can be installed with brew

brew install wine


The Grunt project is an extension of the project-grunt and all those grunt tasks can be used on your app. In addition, there are several Grunt tasks that are specific and useful to building your NW.js application:

Task Description
app[:(platform)] Builds a release version of the NW.js app
app-debug[:(platform)] Builds a debug version of the NW.js app
package[:(platform)] Create the installers
open:(platform) Open the application, requires a platform.
  • platform Valid types include osx32, osx64, win32, win64


Build the application in debug mode and run for OS X 64-bit:

grunt app-debug:osx64 open:osx64

Build the release application and package to all installers:

grunt app package

Conditional Compiling

In addition to project-grunt's DEBUG and RELEASE condititional constants for JavaScript, applications created with nw-init support APP and WEB.

if (APP)
    // Only app builds will show this code 
    var fs = require('fs');
    fs.readFile('data.json', function(err, data){
        data = JSON.parse(data);
        // load a json file with node 
if (WEB)
    // Only default builds, like grunt tasks 'build' and 'build:dev' 
    $.getJSON('data.json', function(data){
        // load a json file with jQuery 



MIT License