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Serve app-site assets from your node app.

This is meant to simplify development of node apps outside of dev-vagrant only. This module should not be used in production.


npm i --save nw-global-nav-asset-shim


var app = require(express)()
if (process.env.NODE_ENV === 'development') {
  var shim = require('nw-global-nav-asset-shim')
  shim({ appsitePath: '/my/dev/app-site' }, app)

Shims the following asset routes:



When consuming global-nav (via something like nw-nerdlayoutjs) you get a payload used as the layout for your app. Parts of the layout reference global assets that make up things like the global header and footer styles and js. If you want to run your node app outside of dev-vagrant you'll need to serve these assets yourself so something like localhost:3000/css/bundle.min.css resolves correctly. These assets live in your app-site clone, so this shim just serves from your local clone at the expected routes (see above).