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    SEO / HTML meta tags module for NuxtJS


    • Easy to use, on page SEO
    • Page title templating
    • Set default global SEO settings/tags
    • Customize all SEO options for each page
    • Canonical tag automatically generated
    • Supports the OpenGraph protocol
    • Twitter card support


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    📖 Release Notes

    Local development and testing

    To work on a local version of the nuxt-seo package (e.g. feature/bug development or testing):

    1. Download the nuxt-seo repo from GitHub (either via git clone or the zip archive)
    2. On your local computer, change directory into the packages directory
    3. Install the dependencies via npm install
    4. Run npm link to create a local linked package on your for your currently logged in user account

    From inside a Nuxt project that you desired to test your local changes, associate your local nuxt-seo package version by performing the following:

    1. Change directory to your root project directory (likely the directory with your node_modules directory)
    2. Run npm link nuxt-seo to create the local package association
    3. Now, any changes to the local nuxt-seo package, will be utilized in this current project on your local machine.

    Note: After saving local changes to the nuxt-seo package, you may need to restart your Nuxt project's development server (or rebuild your project via saving the nuxt.config.js file again). Sad, I know.


    MIT © Nick Frostbutter

    Original credits

    Original credits go to TiagoDanin for the "Nuxt-SEO" package. In old issue #109, the project was archived.

    Original License: MIT © Tiago Danin


    npm i nuxt-seo

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