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Nuwanda nuwanda logo

Check if an image is a progressive jpg or not.

Why nuwanda ? See the Dead Poets Society.


NodeJS >= v0.8 (

Modules installation

nuwanda can be used and installed globally (there's a binary)

npm install nuwanda -g

Supported env

  • only tested on macosx

windows and linux support in the next version

Build Status



nuwanda file.jpg

OR pipe a jpg to it

cat file.jpg | nuwanda

OR with the provided index.js file

node index.js file.jpg

OR as a module, just listen to the progressive event. The emitted value is true if the jpg is progressive, false if not (?! ;-)

var fs = require('fs'),
    nuwanda = require('nuwanda').Nuwanda;
var file = fs.createReadStream(process.argv[2]);
var progressiveCheck =  new nuwanda(file);
progressiveCheck.on('progressive', function (flag) {
  if (flag) console.log('progressive');

OR as a module but with a raw buffer

var fs = require('fs'),
    nuwanda = require('nuwanda').Nuwanda;
var file = fs.readFileSync(process.argv[2]);
var flag =  (new nuwanda(file, {buffer:true})).progressive;
if (flag) console.log('progressive');


npm test


Not so much error handling for the moment

Inner working

nuwanda is a readable stream that takes a stream as an input (stdin or file for instance). As soon as it detects the progressive jpeg marker (0xff 0xc2), it emits a "progressive" event and stop reading the input (handy for bug files ...)


  • windows /linux tests


I wanted to easily detect if a jpeg is progressive or not, I love nodejs and I wanted to play with streams.


substack for his node-stream handbook, node community in general


Do what you want. Have fun with JS.