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Yet another pusher client for node.js

This is a (diverged) fork of Abhishiv's work at, so credit to him for writing this in the first place. The main difference is that nusher is using so you could invoke onAny on a channel.

How to use it

PusherClient = require('nusher')
pusher_client = new PusherClient
  appId: (process.env.PUSHER_APP_ID or app_id)
  key: (process.env.PUSHER_KEY or pusher_key)
  secret: (process.env.PUSHER_SECRET or pusher_secret)
pusher_client.on 'connect', ->
  channel = pusher_client.subscribe('presence-users', {user_id: 'system'})
  channel.on 'success', ->
    channel.on 'pusher_internal:member_removed', (data) ->
      console.log 'member_removed'
    channel.on 'pusher_internal:member_added', (data) ->
      console.log 'member_added'


This code is free to use under the terms of the MIT license.