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Direct link generator for many known content sharing sites. Avoid clicking numerous times to download links and also avoid seeing ads while downloading the content from sharing sites. Easy to integrate with nodejs application.

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Live Demo

Warning: This package is native ESM and no longer provides a CommonJS export. If your project uses CommonJS, you will have to convert to ESM or use the dynamic import() function. Please don't open issues for questions regarding CommonJS / ESM.


npm install nurlresolver

Usage: ES6 usage

import nUrlResolver from 'nurlresolver';
const results = await nUrlResolver.resolve(linkToResolve);

const linkToResolve = '';
const results = await nUrlResolver.resolve(linkToResolve);


    link: '',
    title: 'FileName.extension',
    isPlayable: true,
    parent: '',
    speedRank: 65 //0-100 better speed means higher rank

Resolve link recursively:

const results = await nUrlResolver.resolveRecursive(link);
This is going to resolve the final playback links.
Schema representation is same as above result.
The only difference is it recursively resolve all the links as they get found.

Headers Support

In some of the sharing sites, it's required to send some header information back. e.g. Referer is required in some sites or if a link generated from an ip which is only accessible from that ip (in this case the xforward header is added in the result output so that same header can be sent to the same site later on.)

Advance Options


Name Type Description
extractMetaInformation boolean instruct the resolver to extract contenttype, lastmodifieddate and size of the file.
timeout number timeout in seconds
googleDrive.apiKey string optional api key to avoid anonymous access. Defaults to empty to allow anonymous access.
customResolvers array custom resolvers you can inject for resolving urls. Refer to app.tests for implementation samples
const results = await nUrlResolver.resolve(linkToResolve, {
    extractMetaInformation: true,
    timeout: 30 //returns the results at maximum after 30 seconds.


    "link": "",
    "title": "FILE.EXTENSION",
    "isPlayable": true,
    "headers": {
      "X-Real-IP": "XX.YY.ZZ.AA"
    "parent": "",
    "speedRank": 55,
    "size": "900163682",
    "lastModified": "Wed, 21 Sep 2019 12:09:06 GMT",
    "contentType": "application/octet-stream"

Supported sites

  • Google Drive
  • CloudMailRu
  • MegaupNet
  • Dlfiles
  • Doodvideo
  • Indishare
  • Racaty
  • uploadraja
  • ZuploadMe
  • Yourupload
  • etc. Refer here for complete implementation

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npm run test



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