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Convert and/or define numeronyms from a words


Convert and/or define numeronyms from words

You can install it with npm(1)

$ npm install numeronym

or use component(1)

$ npm install jwerle/numeronym

numeronym() tries its best to create a numeronym representation of a word you provide. It is simple to use and may be useful to someone out there. It was fun to make.

To start using numeronym, just pass it a string argument. All numeronym's created are stored in an internal table

var n = require('numeronym');
console.log( n('canine') ); // k9 
console.log( n('internationalization') ); // i18n 

Accepts a word as an argument. An optional alias or options object can be passed as well. In the case of a string alias provied, the creation of a numeronym is skipped and the alias is used as the value.

Returns the numeronym associated with the provided word

var n = require('numeronym');
n('internationalization'); // i18n 
n.get('internationalization'); // i18n 

Returns the string used to create numeronym

var n = require('numeronym');
n.lookup'k9'); // canine 


$ make test

joseph werle