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This library is used to resolve a dialed phone number, returning country information along with area codes, phone type, etc. It uses the NodeJS port of the Google's libphonenumber.


Add this library to your package.json configuration:

    "number_info": "latest"

Using it

  var number_info = require('number_info');
  var result = number_info.resolve(dialedString, numberingPlan);

numberingPlan is optional. When not supplied, it will be assumed that dialedString is an E164 number without the leading +.

If supplied, it must be a 2-letter ISO country code that will be used to translate this number from a local dialed number into an E164 number. In essence, the country specifices the numbering plan used to interpret the dialed number.

For example, from the US you will dial 011+number to reach an international destination, while other countries will have different ways for dialing local, long distance, and international destinations (e.g: 00+number).


Below you will find a few examples for the most common usage. More examples can be found in the tests.

Resolving an E164 number

  var result = number_info.resolve('18009997777');

Resolving a number using the US numbering plan

  var result = number_info.resolve('005491145556666');


This project uses standard npm scripts. Current tasks include:

  • test: Runs Mocha tests.
  • jsdoc: Runs JSDoc3.
  • eslint: Runs ESLint.
  • coverage: Runs the tests and then Instanbul to get a coverage report.
  • build: This is the default task, and will run all the other tasks.

Running an npm task

To run a task, just do:

npm run build


To contribute:

  • Make sure you open a concise and short pull request.
  • Throw in any needed unit tests to accomodate the new code or the changes involved.
  • Run npm run build and make sure everything is ok before submitting the pull request (make eslint happy).
  • Your code must comply with the Javascript Standard Style, ESLint should take care of that.


The source code is released under Apache 2 License.

Check LICENSE file for more information.

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