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    Convert number to English, Russian or Ukrainian

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    Converts number to words (UAH, RUB, USD, EUR and without currency). This library supports English, Ukrainian and Russian languages.


    npm install number-to-cyrillic

    yarn add number-to-cyrillic


    You can try this library here.


    .convert(number[, options])

    Converts an integer into an object witch contain value and the currency name. Optionally you can decide whether to display output with currency or not, to display a capital letter for the value by adding an object with some propertis. For example:

    var numberToString = require('number-to-cyrillic');
    // {
    //    convertedInteger: 'двадцять одна',
    //    integerCurrency: 'гривня',
    //    convertedFractional: 'нуль',
    //    fractionalCurrency: 'копійок',
    //    integer: 21,
    //    fractional: 0,
    //    shortName: 'грн.'
    // }
    numberToString.convert(34, {
      currency: 'usd'
    // {
    //    convertedInteger: 'тридцять чотири',
    //    integerCurrency: 'долари США',
    //    convertedFractional: 'нуль',
    //    fractionalCurrency: 'центів',
    //    integer: 34,
    //    fractional: 0,
    //    shortName: 'долара США'
    // }
    numberToString.convert(76.21, {
      capitalize: true
    // {
    //    convertedInteger: 'Сімдесят шість',
    //    integerCurrency: 'гривень',
    //    convertedFractional: 'двадцять одна',
    //    fractionalCurrency: 'копійка',
    //    integer: 76,
    //    fractional: 21,
    //    shortName: 'грн.'
    // }
    numberToString.convert(76.26, {
      language: 'en'
    // {
    //    convertedInteger: 'seventy-six',
    //    integerCurrency: 'hryvnias',
    //    convertedFractional: 'twenty-six',
    //    fractionalCurrency: 'cents',
    //    integer: 76,
    //    fractional: 26,
    //    shortName: 'UAH'
    // }

    See detailed description of all available options below:

    Option Default Value Description
    capitalize false By setting a value for this option to true you might make the first letter in uppercase
    currency 'uah' By setting a value to this option to 'usd' or 'eur' or 'rub' or false you'll get the output for selected currency name or without currency.
    language 'ua' By setting a value to this option to 'en' or 'ru' you'll get the output for selected language.
    customDecimalNameCasesForEnglish false By setting a value for this option to true you will change default decimal name cases for UAH and RUB in English translation to kopek, kopeks.
    customCurrencyPrefixForEnglish none By setting a value for this option to a string you will change the default currency in English translation. E.g. without prefix: dollars, with - US dollars


    npm i number-to-cyrillic

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