Take a decimal number and convert it to its string representation

Number String Representation

Module to take an float amount and convert it to a string representation. For example if you have the number 2523.04, this module will convert 2523.04 to "Two thousand five hundred twenty-three and 04/100 dollars"


npm install -g number-string-representation


The module can be used either as a stand-alone command line tool or within other javascript code. The module has only been tested on node.js versions 0.8 & 0.10 but should work in the browser without issues

As a command line tool

number-string-representation --number="2523.04"
# outputs "Two thousand five hundred twenty-three and 04/100 dollars"

For usage of the command line tool execute the command with no option parameters specified

# prints out usage information

As a module within your own code

var numberStringRepresentation = require('number-string-representation')
var input = 2523.04
var output = numberStringRepresentation(input)
console.log('output: %s', output)

Negative numbers

If you supply a negative number as an input, the output will be prepended with the text 'Negative '

var numberStringRepresentation = require('number-string-representation')
var input = -2523.04
// output === 'Negative two thousand five hundred twenty-three and 04/100 dollars' 
Ne output = numberStringRepresentation(input)
console.log('output: %s', output)

When using negative numbers with the command line tool, you must pass them using both the equals sign and quotation marks around your value

number-string-representation --number="-2523.04"
# outputs "Negative two thousand five hundred twenty-three and 04/100 dollars"

The following will not work and will instead through an error:

number-string-representation --number "-2523.04"


# install the development dependencies
npm install
# run the tests
npm test