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Quickly check to see if sub obejects exits in an object.


npm install nullet


Pass in the object, a string representation of the 'path' you want to check, and a default value if it doesn't exist. The default value can be a function if you want.


var nullet = require('nullet');

var person = {
    firstName: 'Ron',
    lastName: 'Swanson',
    likes: {
        food: {
            meat: 'bacon',
            drink: 'scotch'
        instrument: 'saxaphone'
    saySomething: function() { return 'No'; }

var nameOfPerson     = nullet.get(person, 'firstName', 'No Name')
  , favoriteMeat     = nullet.get(person, '', 'No favorite meat')
  , favoriteIcecream = nullet.get(person, '', 'No favorite icecream')
  , promptResult     = nullet.get(person, 'saySomething', function() { return 'No response'; })()
  , soundResult      = nullet.get(person, 'barkLikeADog', function() { return 'Would not bark like a dog' })()
console.log("Name of person: " + nameOfPerson);
console.log("Favorite meat: " + favoriteMeat);
console.log("Favorite icecream: " + favoriteIcecream);
console.log("What did he say? " + promptResult);
console.log("Bark like a dog! " + soundResult);

Name of person: Ron
Favorite meat: bacon
Favorite icecream: No favorite icecream
What did he say? No
Bark like a dog! Would not bark like a dog