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A highly performant unique identifier generator for JavaScript.


For web and deno you can use the JSR bundle:

npx jsr add @nats-io/nuid
// or
deno add @nats-io/nuid
import { next, Nuid } from "jsr:@nats-io/nuid";

import { next

In node/bun:

npm install nuid
const { next, Nuid } = require("nuid");
// or
import { next, Nuid } from "nuid";

// `nuid` is a global instance of nuid, you can use it directly
// `Nuid` is the actual class implementing the nuids, so you can also
// `new Nuid()`.

Basic Usage

// To generate a bunch of nuids:
let id =;
id =;

// To generate a new prefix:
// note that prefixes are automatically rolled whenever all
// the nuids for the specific prefix have been used.
id =;


NUID needs to be very fast to generate and be truly unique, all while being entropy pool friendly. NUID uses 12 bytes of crypto generated data (entropy draining), and 10 bytes of pseudo-random sequential data that increments with a pseudo-random increment.

Total length of a NUID string is 22 bytes of base 36 ascii text, so 36^22 or 17324272922341479351919144385642496 possibilities.


The 2.x version of the npm module support both CJS and ESM modules, an ESM only version of the module is available via jsr @nats-io/nuid

If you are migrating from the 1.x.x series, note that getGlobalNuid(), next() and reset() and version property have been removed. Instead, access the exported constant nuid and call next() or reset() on it as shown in the examples above. For version information please refer to your installed module's version information.

If you are migrating from the js-nuid module in npm, there should be no changes except to the location of the import in the npm bundle:

import { nuid } from "./node_modules/esm/index.js";

Supported Node Versions

Support policy for Nodejs versions follows Nodejs release support. We will support and build nuid on even Nodejs versions that are current or in maintenance.


Unless otherwise noted, the NATS source files are distributed under the Apache Version 2.0 license found in the LICENSE file.

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