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Have a dataset with no delimiters? Does it have defined column widths, though? Turn it into a usable CSV!


I was processing this dataset and wanted a tool to easily reproduce the process for converting the data into a usable format.



Requires node.


npm install -g nuga


Define a column length spec for your dataset

Let's say you have a dataset with no delimiters. However, you do know where each column begins and ends.

An example dataset might be a two column dataset with columns id and name.

id is 10 characters long and starts at the 1st character in the line and the last character in the column is the 10th character in the line.

name is 100 characters long and starts and 11th character in the line and the last character in the column is the 110th character in the line.

So, our spec CSV would look like this:


Nuga is dependent on the starts and ends values being correct.

Generate the CSV

With your dataset spec, run the nuga command. An example:

nuga -i mydataset.txt -o mydatasetasacsv.csv -s mydatasetlengthspec.csv

The -i argument is the dataset you want to convert to CSV.

The -o argument is the file you want the CSV to output to.

The -s argument is the location of your column length spec CSV.

In this example, if all went well, the generated CSV would be in the file mydatasetasacsv.csv.


  • Add support for looking at the order of the columns in the spec CSV and the length field in lieu of the starts and ends fields.
  • Tests.


This program is under the MIT License. See LICENSE for more details.