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Nüby-Express is an attempt to create a framework for larger, scalable event projects. Like Ruby it is based strongly on convention, with a strong pattern of pathing for its resources, and a lot of support for common repeated patterns.

Unlike Ruby it is not tied to complex activeRecords, or for that matter, any pattern of model interaction.

Some of the specific advanatages of Nüby include:

  • A strong middleware pattern that lets you focus on business concerns.
  • The ability to create reusable components for common tasks.
  • A strong focus on action-centric coding over long sprawling contorllers
  • A flexible project heirarchy of resources that allow for simple, short projets as well as large multi-tiered ones.

Nüby-Express uses Express at the core to manage HTTP I/O but its own unique sets of resouces and MVC based project organization.

See the Wiki for more specific details, and the test cases (via nodeunit) for many working examples.