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    Nubot is an evolution of Hubot by GitHub, pre-loaded with the Playbook framework for conversation branching and context and Pretend for unit testing.


    • yarn install nubot

    • See the Hubot docs for general how-to guides and adapter info.

    • See the Playbook docs for using the extended features for conversations.

    • See the Pretend docs for guides to unit testing your conversations.


    • Nubot uses Yargs to accept command line arguments. Use --help for a guide to cli configs.

    • The same command line options can be given as a config file, a package.json key or as environment variables, with the prefix HUBOT_.


    Nubot is functionally identical to Hubot (v3) except for a few minor enhancements and bug-fixes:

    • Nubot uses Mockery to substitue require('hubot'), so legacy scripts and adapters should* work without modification.

    • Its middleware returns a promise instead of undefined, so callbacks can wait for asynchronous operations.

    • It can be executed directly as a node script, so it's easier to debug.

    • It comes pre-loaded with Playbook, available to all loaded scripts as robot.playbook

    • Uses dotenv when NODE_ENV is development, for easily setting configs from local .env file

    • Some functionality that was deprecated in Hubot has been removed entirely.

    * Some adapters are not up to date with the conversion of Hubot v3 into es6.


    The Hubot project is amazing, but it has a large variety of usage and approaches being considered for its evolution. We needed it to work seamlessly with Playbook extensions and some other features that are still being considered for Hubot's future, but we needed them today. This project may evolve into something new or possibly return something to Hubot core. It will take more of a 'move fast and break things' approach, but contributions and discussion are very welcome.


    • Make generator-nubot.
    • Update references to Hubot with Nubot.
    • Update E2E test and environment loaders with new scripts.
    • Update Express version.
    • Unify docs for Nubot, Playbook, Pretend, Conditioner.


    • Add dotenv for test environment vars including NODE_ENV
    • Run local mongodb dev dependency for tests
    • Re-instate check as yargs command to dry-run config
    • Add timeout for adapter connection and log error


    See the LICENSE file for license rights and limitations (MIT).


    npm i nubot

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