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A command line tool for easily defining and maintaining rsync backups

nsyrc lets you save links between source and target folders, and rsync easily between them.


$ npm install -g nsyrc


nsyrc shows you the list of your defined links. Here is the result of running nsyrc with this .nsyrc file:

Screen shot of a result of

Each row represents a link. The padded columns are, from left to right:

  • id - used for syncing or removing links.
  • Source folder, Target folder, which are marked with these colors:
  • Green: local existing folder
  • Yellow: remote folders, which are not checked for existance
  • Gray: local non-existing folders, probably folders on removeable media
  • How long ago it was last synced, which is marked with these colors that represent predefined periods of time:
  • White: less than a day
  • Yellow: more than a day and less than a week
  • Red: more than a week

A pending feature will enable the user to set those period of time.

nsyrc -l <source> <target> creates a new link.

nsyrc <id> prompts the user to run the link with --dry-run first, and then without. Use --wet to skip dry-run.

nsyrc -n does the same for the first link that was not synced in the last 24 hours.

nsyrc -t <id> trashes a link. nsyrc -e empties the trash. The trash is currently only accessible through opening ~/.nsyrc


  • The links data is saved as json in ~/.nsyrc
  • The default for the dry-run prompt is YES, while the default of the wet-run prompt is NO.
  • Common use is for syncing folders, but defining links between files is also possible.


While nsyrc tries to distance the user from the dangers of using rsync directly, it is still a program that runs rsync commands, and that was written by a human being, and no one can guarantee that it is devoid of bugs or unexpected behaviors, therefore use this software at your own risk.


  • If you enjoyed this tool, please star it on Github!
  • I'd love to get any feedback you might have! Mail me at, or open an issue.
  • More material appreciation is welcome in the form of bitcoins. My address can be found on this page.