A command line tool for easily defining and maintaining rsync backups


nsyrc lets you save links between source and target folders, and rsync easily between them.

$ npm install -g nsyrc

nsyrc shows you the list of your defined links. Here is the result of running nsyrc with this .nsyrc file:

Each row represents a link. The padded columns are, from left to right:

  • id - used for syncing or removing links.
  • Source folder, Target folder, which are marked with these colors:
  • Green: local existing folder
  • Yellow: remote folders, which are not checked for existance
  • Gray: local non-existing folders, probably folders on removeable media
  • How long ago it was last synced, which is marked with these colors that represent predefined periods of time:
  • White: less than a day
  • Yellow: more than a day and less than a week
  • Red: more than a week

A pending feature will enable the user to set those period of time.

nsyrc -l <source> <target> creates a new link.

nsyrc <id> prompts the user to run the link with --dry-run first, and then without. Use --wet to skip dry-run.

nsyrc -n does the same for the first link that was not synced in the last 24 hours.

nsyrc -t <id> trashes a link. nsyrc -e empties the trash. The trash is currently only accessible through opening ~/.nsyrc