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    Note: This has been broken with the newest versions of N|Solid. The good news is it's now much easier to set up than it used to be, so NSM is no longer needed.

    N|Solid Manager

    Automatically download and start up everything required to run N|Solid


    npm install -g nsolid-manager


    nsm app.js

    This will spin up N|Solid's dependencies and start an N|Solid Console server on port 3000.

    You can also specify a custom name for your application (reflected in the Console) with the --name flag:

    nsm app.js --name myApp


    Automatically download and set up all prerequisites required for an N|Solid server and execute a target app using the nsolid executable.

    It'll handle:

    • Downloading N|Solid and all required dependencies (N|Solid Runtime, N|Solid Hub/Proxy, N|Solid Console, etcd) for your platform
    • Starting all necessary services
    • Exporting relevant environment variables
    • Starting the target app with the nsolid executable

    With one command, you'll be ready to navigate to the N|Solid Console and watch how your app is doing.


    --name or -n

    (optional) A user-friendly name for your app. This is how it will be displayed in the N|Solid console.

    --path or -p

    (optional) An alternative way to specify the target app's location.

    Default behavior

    The manager doesn't offer much customization yet. It's using the default ports and addresses for the different components of N|Solid.

    Tweak the .nsolid-proxyrc file (inside the global module's dependencies folder) as you normally would to adjust proxy settings.

    The manager will automatically set the following environment variables as part of start-up:

    NSOLID_HUB = 'localhost:4001'
    NSOLID_SOCKET = 1111


    Currently, nsolid-manager only supports running one app at a time. We're working on this.

    Bug reports and feature requests

    Please feel free to submit an issue on the nsolid-manager GitHub page if you come across any issues.


    If you'd like contribute to nsolid-manager, please do!

    Coming soon

    • The manager should offer more optional parameters to override default behavior such as the port on which to host the N|Solid console.


    npm i nsolid-manager

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