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Smarty template engine for Node.js

NSmarty - Template Engine

npm install nsmarty
1. Unpack 
2. Run the application: node app.js
3. Open your browser:
var  util    = require('util'),
     http    = require('http'),
     nsmarty = require('nsmarty');

// IMPORTANT! Templates path	
nsmarty.tpl_path = __dirname + '';

var $arr = {
  // simple {$title}
  title: 'Hi, I am nsmarty template engine!',

  // loop {foreach} ... {/foreach}
  books: [
		 title  : 'JavaScript: The Definitive Guide',          
		 author : 'David Flanagan',                            
		 price  : '31.18'
		 title  : 'Murach JavaScript and DOM Scripting',
		 author : 'Ray Harris'
		 title  : 'Head First JavaScript',
		 author : 'Michael Morrison',
		 price  : '29.54'

http.createServer(function (req, res) {

  // assign - parse the template.
  var 	stream = nsmarty.assign('test.tpl', $arr);
		util.pump(stream, res); // take place of _display() from PHP Smarty.

console.log("Server started:");
Create a file named "test.tpl"



{foreach $books as $i => $book}
	<div style="background-color: {cycle values='cyan,yellow'};">
		[{$i+1}] {$book.title|upper} by {$}

		{if $book.price}                                
			Price: <span style="color:red">&euro;{$book.price}</span>
	No books
See doc/ folder
=> is a port of the Smarty Template Engine to Javascript, a JavaScript template library that supports the 
template syntax and all the features (functions, variable modifiers, etc.) of the well-known PHP template engine Smarty. 
=> allows you to use the same Smarty templates on both server and client side, for both PHP and Javascript. 
=> supports plugin architecture

=> no PHP syntax
Module Author:		Dorin Grigoras
Code Contributors: , mustache (caching system)