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    This package has been renamed to @nqminds/nqm-databot-store


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    The default databot store.


    Clone this repo and npm install

    git clone
    cd nqm-databot-store
    npm install


    In the databot host configuration file, add the folder path using the databotStorePath property:

      "databotStorePath": "/path/to/the/nqm-databot-store",


    Debugging works out-of-the-box for Visual Studio Code, but should be trivial to support in other debuggers/IDEs.

    Run the host using the --debugBreak option (note, your databot host can be installed anywhere on your machine, as long as the configuration databotStorePath is set correctly as outlined above).

    ./nqm-databot-host.js --config ./my-config.json --debugBreak

    The databot host will start and enter the idle state waiting for a databot instance to be assigned. Using the nqm toolbox, create a databot or select an existing databot, and make sure you grant permisson for your host to execute it. Then run the databot using the toolbox.

    After a short delay you should see the host receive the databot instance run request, and it will then proceed to install the databot. Once installed, the host will print a message to the console similar to the following, and then pause:

    nqm-databot-host:DatabotHost piping input to child: ... +6ms
    nqm-databot-host:CHILD-DEBUG *********************************** +40ms
    nqm-databot-host:CHILD-DEBUG *                                 * +0ms
    nqm-databot-host:CHILD-DEBUG * Debugger listening on port 5858 * +0ms
    nqm-databot-host:CHILD-DEBUG *                                 * +0ms
    nqm-databot-host:CHILD-DEBUG *********************************** +0ms
    nqm-databot-host:CHILD-DEBUG Sat, 22 Oct 2016 18:49:16 GMT nqm-databot reading input +195ms
    nqm-databot-host:CHILD-DEBUG Sat, 22 Oct 2016 18:49:16 GMT nqm-databot received input 

    The host will now wait until a debugger attaches to process 5858.

    Visual Studio Code

    Run an instance of Visual Code and open the nqm-databot-store folder. Choose the debug tab and select Attach to databot from the launch configuration drop-down. Click the run button, or hit F5. The debugger should start and immediately break at a debugger statement right before the databot entry point.

    You can now step into your databot code.




    npm i nqm-databot-store

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