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We are all, one way or another, hostages of educational systems. School, university, postgraduate courses for pumping professional skills all this should be in your past, if you want to be in demand specialist and grandmother pride. Is it good? Of course, education should be universal and preferably lifelong. We will be smarter. But, alas, the education system is not ideal. And, most likely, you have not even guessed that this system is one of the most powerful businesses for decades. And what is wrong with it, can you explain? Remember your student years. Could you choose the subjects that you are interested in, which could develop your talent and potential? Did you enjoy your research work? Were your knowledge assessed objectively? Did you enjoy your homework? Do you feel now that you have wasted some time stamping "kurschi"? We feel your pain.

But if you think that these are exclusively our local problems, you are wrong. Difficulties are everywhere. As a rule, education in the U.S. or Europe is expensive, so university students have to work part-time, breaking up between studies, careers, parties with pot, part-time jobs, personal life and Netflix shows. In addition, the cult of the diploma abroad is more extensive. If you have an unfinished higher, then you have only two ways: a general or a garage, in which you will come up with a new Apple. In addition, most international students are afraid to sink into study and not be able to get a job in their specialty, because sometimes it is tantamount to the need to leave the country.

Education today is not a romantic story about the Scarecrow, to whom the institute gives brains and allows at graduation to throw the cap in the sky. It is a global business, pulling out the money of students in exchange for their diplomas.

One way to make life easier for international students is through services that collect the necessary data for writing essays and homework. In the West, this business is sometimes called a "gray" niche. If a student turns to services that help them in their studies, they risk being punished up to and including expulsion. After all, he is a cheater and a trickster who signs other people's works with his name.

It is difficult to call a student ordering a job online a cheater by objectively assessing the situation, because he or she evaluates priorities. For example, it is difficult to detach an interested person from a mushroom kingdom study. But if a student needs to write a hundred nine thousand pages of an abstract about mushrooms, although he came to get a diploma in economics, what the hell biology, it is easier for him to order a job and spend time on useful or interesting things. Books, freelance, online courses that's not much. Does this choice make him lazy? Is it possible to gain more experience by working in parallel and applying the acquired knowledge in practice? Has one of us become a good or a bad specialist because someone helped him learn? When was the last time you showed your diploma instead of knowledge and skills when you hired someone? The answers are obvious.

It is essay and diploma writing services that help students adjust their schedules, find a foothold, get inspired to acquire new knowledge, and banal time to find their first job in a foreign country.




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