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Write npm modules with TypeScript without hassle. TypeScript ready. Fully ES6.


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NPMTS is your friend when writing, testing, publishing and documenting npm modules written in TypeScript.

npmts will

  1. check your dependencies and package.json (unused, missing, updates, security)
  2. transpile your code with tsc,
  3. test your code with tap (supports the fancy stuff like Promises, Generators, async/await, sourcemaps, parallel test execution in child processes)
  4. create coverage with istanbul (supports tracing of the originating TypeScript)

For more information on how tests are run check out the tapbuffer module.

This works on your machine and in CI. There is a prebuild docker image available that includes npmts to make CI a breeze:
hosttoday/ht-docker-node:npmts on Dockerhub

For further information read the linked docs at the top of this README.

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