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One-step-installer for npm Enterprise servers

npm Enterprise Installer

One-step-installer for npm Enterprise.

To get up and running as quickly as possible, see the quickstart guide on the docs site.

Modern versions of Ubuntu (12.04+), CentOS/RHEL (7+), Debian (7.7+)

You can find detailed prerequisites on the docs site.

sudo npm install npme -g --unsafe

Once installation is complete visit https://your-server-address:8800 and bypass the security warning (you can provide your own certificate later to prevent this warning). You will be presented with a management UI which allows you to configure your npm Enterprise appliance.

You can find installation details on the docs site.

By default the npm Enterprise registry will be available on http://your-server-address:8080.

Simply run:

npm login --scope=@my-company-name --registry=http://your-server-address:8080

And publish modules using the corresponding scope name:

  "name": "@my-company-name/my-module",
  "repository": {
    "url": "git://"

Details on client configuration and using npm Enterprise can be found on the docs site.

Access your server via HTTPS on port 8800 and check for updates via the management console.