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    npm - a JavaScript package manager

    npm version license CI - cli Benchmark Suite


    One of the following versions of Node.js must be installed to run npm:

    • 14.x.x >= 14.17.0
    • 16.x.x >= 16.13.0
    • 18.0.0 or higher


    npm comes bundled with node, & most third-party distributions, by default. Officially supported downloads/distributions can be found at:

    Direct Download

    You can download & install npm directly from using our custom script:

    curl -qL | sh

    Node Version Managers

    If you're looking to manage multiple versions of node &/or npm, consider using a "Node Version Manager" such as:


    npm <command>

    Links & Resources

    • Documentation - Official docs & how-tos for all things npm
      • Note: you can also search docs locally with npm help-search <query>
    • Bug Tracker - Search or submit bugs against the CLI
    • Roadmap - Track & follow along with our public roadmap
    • Feedback - Contribute ideas & discussion around the npm registry, website & CLI
    • RFCs - Contribute ideas & specifications for the API/design of the npm CLI
    • Service Status - Monitor the current status & see incident reports for the website & registry
    • Project Status - See the health of all our maintained OSS projects in one view
    • Events Calendar - Keep track of our Open RFC calls, releases, meetups, conferences & more
    • Support - Experiencing problems with the npm website or registry? File a ticket here


    • npm is configured to use the npm Public Registry at by default; Usage of this registry is subject to Terms of Use available at
    • You can configure npm to use any other compatible registry you prefer. You can read more about configuring third-party registries here

    FAQ on Branding

    Is it "npm" or "NPM" or "Npm"?

    npm should never be capitalized unless it is being displayed in a location that is customarily all-capitals (ex. titles on man pages).

    Is "npm" an acronym for "Node Package Manager"?

    Contrary to popular belief, npm is not in fact an acronym for "Node Package Manager"; It is a recursive bacronymic abbreviation for "npm is not an acronym" (if the project was named "ninaa", then it would be an acronym). The precursor to npm was actually a bash utility named "pm", which was the shortform name of "pkgmakeinst" - a bash function that installed various things on various platforms. If npm were to ever have been considered an acronym, it would be as "node pm" or, potentially "new pm".



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