node package manager



YAML support for npm's package.json. Yes, write your dependencies in YAML.


  1. Install npm-yaml via npm install -g npm-yaml
  2. Set npm-yaml as your npm pre-hook: npm set onload-script npm-yaml

WTF is it doing?

npm-yaml looks for your package.json file and initially converts it to YAML. Afterwards, everytime you run npm install it will convert your package.yml to JSON before installing.


Here's why:

  1. No annoying brackets
  2. JSON (in my opinion) is the most ugly Object Notation language ever.
  3. I actually did this because I wanted comments in my package.json. Now I have them in my package.yml. Yay!


Lawl i have no idea about licenses. Let's just say it's MIT licensed although i have no idea what the hell that means.