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    Connects NodeJS to the WooCommerce API even though permalink doesnt in active state.

    Speciality of this module

    In this npm module we added an option "permalink". It will help you to mention and inform to the wordpress api to provide restfull api with endpoints or non restfull api with endpoints based on "permalink" option. If you set "permalink" as "plain" (that is inactive) in your wordpress website, existing npm modules for woocommerce api wont work. But, npm-woocommerce-api will work perfectly even though you set "permalink" as "plain" in your wordpress website.


    To install the module using NPM:

    npm install npm-woocommerce-api --save


    You will need a consumer key and consumer secret to call your store's WooCommerce API. You can find instructions here

    Include the 'npm-woocommerce-api' module within your script and instantiate it with a config:

    var NPMWooCommerceAPI = require('npm-woocommerce-api');
    var NPMWooCommerceAPI = new NPMWooCommerceAPI({
      url: '',
      ssl: true,
      consumerKey: 'ck_xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx',
      secret: 'cs_xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx'

    Instantiating a NPMWooCommerceAPI instance without a url, consumerKey or secret will result in an error being thrown


    When instantiating the NPMWooCommerceAPI object you have a choice of the following configuration options:

    option type required description
    url string yes The url of your store including the protocol:,
    consumerKey string yes The consumer key generated in the store admin
    secret string yes The consumer secret generated in the store admin
    ssl boolean no (default: based on protocol, https = true, http = false) this is automatically set by default, but can be forced by setting the ssl option
    logLevel number no (default: 0) 0 shows errors only, 1 shows info and errors for debugging
    apiPath string no (default: '/wc-api/v2') The path to your API, it should contain a leading slash and no trailing slash
    permalink number no (default: 1) 1: active, 0: inactive (default: 1). If your store is having permalink as "Plain", you should use this option with the value as 0. Then only, you can get valid response which consists the required data. Because, based on wordpress permalink active state, rest api will work. If wordpress permalink set as "Plain", rest api wont work and woocommerce api will give an error message.

    For your reference, kindly see the following screenshot.

    This screenshot depicts about "permalink" inactive state.

    Wordpress permalink inactive state

    Calling the API

    Your WooCommerce API can be called once the NPMWooCommerceAPI object has been instantiated (see above).


    NPMWooCommerceAPI.get('/products', function(err, data, res){
      // err will return any errors that occur
      // data will contain the body content from the request
      // res is the full response object, use this to get headers etc


    For this example you have a coupon object.'/coupons', couponObject, function(err, data, res){
      // err will return any errors that occur
      // data will contain the body content from the request
      // res is the full response object, use this to get headers etc


    var couponUpdate = {
      amount: 5
    NPMWooCommerceAPI.put('/coupons/1234', couponUpdate, function(err, data, res){
      // err will return any errors that occur
      // data will contain the body content from the request
      // res is the full response object, use this to get headers etc


    NPMWooCommerceAPI.delete('/coupons/1234', function(err, data, res){
      // err will return any errors that occur
      // data will contain the body content from the request
      // res is the full response object, use this to get headers etc


    npm test


    GPL 3.0


    npm i npm-woocommerce-api

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