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Npm user packages scrapper

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Small utility that scraps the packages of certain npm user. This means, packages publicly available created by the target user. It was built specifically as a helper library for my port-folio. Funnily it scraps itself as part of the portfolio generation.

The scrapped information includes

  • badges (if any)
  • package name
  • package specific url
  • package description (basically all readme paragraphs)


It only exports one function, that accepts an npm username as first parameter. The second optional parameter is a destination file where the scrapped information will be saved as a JSON file.

The function returns a promise that fulfills when scrap completes, with one of the following results:

  • If a destination parameter was provided, then the promise fulfills to the result of file saving.
  • If a destination parameter was not provided then the promise fulfills to an array of packages information.


npm i npm-user-pkgs-scrapper

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