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A really simple search box/auto-complete for npm modules. Great to be used in conjunction with our package-pagelet and npm-dependencies-pagelet.


This package is released in the public npm registry and can be installed using:

npm install --save npm-search-pagelet

Please note that this module should be used together with the BigPipe framework.


There are various of options that can be configured in the pagelet.

  • cache: A synchronous cache instance that is used to store the looked up package names and descriptions. This currently defaults to the expirable module with an expiration of 1 hour.
  • max: The maximum amount of items that we should send the client. This defaults to 50.
  • save: A boolean indicating if we should store the remotely fetched package data locally. This is used as backup for when the upstream source is unavailable.
  • url: The location of the list of package names + descriptions. We assume it's a file that contains an array with objects with a name and description properties.

These options should be set when you're extending the npm-search-pagelet

module.exports = require('npm-search-pagelet').extend({
  max: 10 // only show 10 items 

You can see a working version of this pagelet on: