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npm Publish Latest Tag

A library for getting a tag value to supply to the npm publish command so that updates to old major versions don't automatically get given the latest tag.

Why use this?

If you provide no tags to the npm publish command then npm automatically gives that release the latest tag. The version with the latest tag is the one a user will get if they npm install without specifying a tag or a version.

This library returns a string for you to supply to the npm publish command with the --tag flag so that your current major version always keeps the latest tag.

Updates to older major versions will get a tag that is specific to that major version. Pre-releases/alphas/betas/etc will be tagged as such for their major version, no matter if it's an older, current, or newer major version.


Scenario Outputted tag value Example where current
version is 2.3.4
Publishing new major version latest 3.0.0latest
Publishing minor/patch to current major release latest 2.4.0latest
Publishing minor/patch to old major release latest-X where X is the major version 1.4.5latest-1
Publishing pre-release/alpha/beta/etc latest-X-Y where X is the major
version and Y is the first pre-release section


To use this library, import it and run getLatestTag, passing in the location of the package.json for the npm package:

var npmPublishLatestTag = require("npm-publish-latest-tag");

// ...
npmPublishLatestTag.getLatestTag("./package.json").then(tagToPublishWith => {
import { getLatestTag } from "npm-publish-latest-tag";

// ...
const tagToPublishWith = await getLatestTag("./package.json");


npm-publish-latest-tag and npm-publish-latest-tag-github-action are licensed under the ISC License.

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