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    This tool will create an archive of your package similar to npm pack, but will generate a zip file instead of a tarball.

    It is designed to help you deploy NPM packages to AWS Lambda or Azure Web Apps.

    This project uses the npm-packlist project to build up the list of files to include and all bundle dependencies. Check out their documentation on how to exclude files from the archive.


    npm install --save-dev npm-pack-zip


    my-lambda is an npm package I want to run as an AWS Lambda Function.

    Install pack-zip locally in my-lambda

    npm install --save-dev npm-pack-zip

    Install any runtime dependencies of my-lambda.

    npm install

    Modify my-lambda/package.json:

    "scripts": {
        "pack": "npm-pack-zip"

    Create the .zip file containing my-lambda and its dependencies, ready to upload to AWS Lambda

    npm run pack

    Static date modified of the files inside the zip

    If you need to create *.zip package with static date modified of the files inside then you can use the flag --static-date-modified . This can be used if you are using automation deployment to the AWS, where the server checkouts the code (brand new) each time deployment is triggered. Hash can be calculated so that you can check with the hash in AWS so that you can check if the code is changed.

    "scripts": {
        "pack": "npm-pack-zip --static-date-modified"
    "scripts": {
        "pack": "npm-pack-zip --sdm"


    npm i npm-pack-zip

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