node package manager



A utility to fetch and collate a list of npm package maintainers for a particular country or region. Uses data collected daily at Collected by npm-github-data-collector.

Currently there is only a list of Australian users, this is determined by a large regex matching against the GitHub account location field. See the See npm-maintainers-au package for a wrapper that provides the Australian list.

If you wish to have your own country included in the list, perhaps you want to set up a site like, file an issue on npm-github-data-collector and we'll get it done!


After downloading two large JSON data files from the above repository, you end up with an array of user entries that combines npm and GitHub data, something like this:

var npmMaintainers = require('npm-maintainers')
var options = {
    // country code 
    country          : 'au'
    // a list of npm and/or GitHub usernames to ignore, because the country 
    // regex is a bit too broad perhaps 
  , ignoreUsers      : [ 'foobar' ]
    // a mapping of npm -> GitHub usernames, only needed for accounts that 
    // can't be automatically worked out, see stdout for details 
  , npmGithubMapping : { 'boom': 'bang' }
npmMaintainers(function (err, data) {
`data` is an array containing an element per npm maintainer, like:
  , {
        githubLogin: 'rvagg'
      , npmLogin: 'rvagg'
      , user_lc: 'rvagg'
      , name: 'Rod Vagg'
      , location: 'South Coast NSW, Australia'
      , blog: ''
      , avatar: ''
      , email: ''
      , company: 'X\'Prime Pty Ltd'
      , hireable: true
      , githubUrl: ''
      , packages: [ ... a list of their npm packages ... ]
      , fetched: Mon May 13 2013 14:51:00 GMT+1000 (EST)
  , ...

For a long running process, like a website, run this at least every 24 hours to pick up new data from the data repository.


npm-maintainers is Copyright (c) 2012 Rod Vagg @rvagg and the #polyhack team and licenced under the MIT licence. All rights not explicitly granted in the MIT license are reserved. See the included LICENSE file for more details.