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What does n-p-m stand for?

What This Is

This is the source code for the three-word thingies that randomly appear in the header of the website. Examples include:

  • Naughty Push Message
  • Nectar of the Programming Masses
  • Needless Patchouli Manufacture
  • Neil Patrick's Mansion
  • Never Program Mad
  • Never Push to Master
  • Neverending Plethora of Modules
  • Newton's Programmatic Measurements
  • Newts Parading Majestically
  • Nice Poodle, Mister
  • Nickel Plated Moose
  • Nineties Party Mix
  • Null Pointer Missing

How to Contribute

  1. Add your own expansion to expansions.txt
  2. Run npm test (this will format and alphabetize the file)
  3. Send us a pull request!

If you think of multiple possibilities, please submit them as separate PRs, as we may like some but not others.

Some other suggestions:

  • Be meaningful. Three random words is not good enough.
  • Be funny. This is very subjective, we realize, so try not to take it personally if we don't get it.
  • Be novel. If your expansion starts with "Node" the other two words better be pretty great.
  • Avoid hyphenation, especially "non-". Yes, there are some in there already. Sorry.
  • Use actual words. You can't just make up random new words. Unless they're really good.
  • Avoid names of people and products (other than npm ;-))
  • Avoid expansions that are gendered, sexual, religious, aggressive, or violent. We are a diverse, positive place.
  • Avoid anything that even slightly hints of violating npm's code of conduct. These are literally the first words that appear on the website, and our audience is very broad, so it's best to avoid things that can be misconstrued.
  • Avoid using proper country and/or corporate names

No More Please

We'll no longer be accepting expansions that begin with the following frequent suggestions:

  • National
  • Nautical
  • Naughty
  • Nerd(s)
  • Never
  • New
  • Newly
  • Nice
  • Nicely
  • Nifty
  • Ninja(s)
  • No
  • Non
  • Nobody
  • Nobody's
  • Node
  • Not
  • Now


If your Pull Request has conflicts it will be closed automatically. We apologize beforehand for anyone that might have to reopen their contribution after rebasing and/or fixing the issue on their branch. We're looking to modernize/automate much of the checking/verfication of submissions going forward.

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