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Quickly check if contents of node_modules correspond to npm-shrinkwrap.json

If you use npm shrinkwrap, you may want to check very quickly (e.g. as a build step) whether anything in node_modules is missing, or out-of-date. This tiny module does just that. With the --install option, it is similar to npm install but much faster.


npm install --save-dev npm-check-shrinkwrap


$ npm-check-shrinkwrap [--help] [-C] [--all] [--install]

When run with no arguments, it examines the versions your top-level node_modules, and your npm-shrinkwrap.json file. It reports any missing modules (those listed in npm-shrinkwrap.json, but missing from node_modules), mismatching versions, and unwanted modules (those in node_modules that aren't in npm-shrinkwrap.json).

With --all option, it will list all modules with matching versions as well.

With --install option, it will run npm install --no-save module@version ... for all missing or mismatching modules it finds. This is faster than plain npm install.

This works nicely with shrinkpack: if you have the correct tar archives available, it will install without using the network (whereas if you run npm install module@version without specifying ALL out-of-date modules, then npm as of 3.10.10 will frustratingly fetch from the network ignoring your archives.)

If you have unwanted modules, you can either update your npm-shrinkwrap.json file (run npm shrinkwrap --dev), or you can delete unwanted packages from node_modules/. You can suppress the output of unwanted modules with --no-unwanted option.

With --no-from, only the version is considered when comparing npm-shrinkwrap.json and the installed module. This means that a package that comes from a different source will be accepted.

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