node package manager



Check that none of the installed Node packages, as listed by npm ls, match a given version spec of known-bad packages.

This is a typically used to verify that an application is unaffected by some vulnerability or other issue.


npm install -g npm-check-affected


cd project-dir
npm install
# Supply JSON version spec of affected versions
npm-check-affected '{ "express": "< 3.0.4", "connect": "< 2.0.0" }'
# Or, supply JSON file
npm-check-affected affected-versions.json
# Or, supply HTTP URL
npm-check-affected http://.../affected-versions.json

This will check the installed packages as reported by npm ls, and report whether any of them are affected.

Exit Code

npm-check-affected will return with zero exit code if no affected packages were found. It will return non-zero if at least one affected package was found, or if some error occurred while looking for installed packages.