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    Tool that searches your node.js module source code for all requires of external modules. Interactively adds dependencies to package.json based on their metadata.


    npm install -g npm-auto-dep


    Works only on linux/unix/(probably MacOS). Won't probably ever work on Windows out-of-the-box.[1]

    Change directory to main directory of your module sources. Run


    Or you can just

    npm-auto-dep /home/kitten_killer/dev/src/node/MAD_protocols

    Which will (try to) find all it's dependencies and add them to it's package.json .

    Module must be initialized first. Best with npm init.

    npm-auto-dep will ask you what to do with every single module it found, like this:

    Add package when [2.5.1] from git repo:

    If you enter h it will display a hint:



    • No - (default behaviour) dependency will not be changed. If it already is in dependencies, it will stay the same way
    • yes - dependecy will be added, but without version information. That is any version will satisfy.
    • version - custom version specification. You will be asked to enter semver version range.[2]
    • =version - exactly the module version installed will be requested.
    • =version - same or higher version then one installed will be requested

    • ~version - similar version will be requested. See also semver range spec.
    • repository - npm is told to clone this dependency from metadata specified repository. Currently only git is supported.
    • custom - enter whatever you like, as long as npm can understand it. (Currently npm-auto-dep does not validate that)
    • help - display hints and ask again what to do.

    After you are done you will have to confirm or reject changes, like that:

    Old dependencies:
    { when: '>=2.5.1',
      semver: '>=2.2.1',
      optimist: '>=0.6.0',
      colors: '>=0.6.2' }
    New dependencies:
    { when: '>=2.5.0 <3.0.0',
      semver: '>=2.2.1',
      optimist: '>=0.6.0',
      colors: '>=0.6.2' }
    Overwrite dependencies in file /home/kitten_killer/dev/src/npm-auto-dep/package.json ?

    [1]: You can get grep and find from cygwin or something and add them to your PATH. It could work, unless some strange CLI argument parsing ensues. Anyway, if you are a developer able and wiling to do it, you should start using Linux by this point.

    [2]: Like that:

    Add package when [2.5.1] from git repo:
    Already in dependencies in version: >=2.5.1
    [N/y/v/=/>/r/h]: v
    Enter version specification (see man 7 semver)
    > >=2.5.0 <3.0.0


    npm i npm-auto-dep

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