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    Node utility intended to bridge npm modules and browser AMD consumers, it browserifies every installed browserifiable npm module and generates a paths hash to be used in a RequireJS configuration or the like.

    What it does

    It resolves the entry files of the npm modules with browser-resolve to make use of the browser field if present. If the resolved file doesn't have AMD support it bundles it with browserify. Finally it returns a paths object pointing the npm module's id's to the browserified bundle (wrapped in an AMD define), or to the original entry file if it already has AMD support.

    It does caching via the bundle filename. The same module version with the same browserify options won't be processed twice unless the force option is used or the files deleted.


    var stream = require("npm-amd")(options);

    which returns a readable stream which will emit [id, path] for each processed module (streams2 supported).


    require("npm-amd")(options, function(err, paths){});

    which will return a buffered paths object like so:

      "a": "path/to/a",
      "b": "path/to/b"

    or just


    from the command line

    options can be:

    • browserifyOptions: {/* browserify options */}

    • force: true, that disables the caching and rebrowserifies everything

    • map: function(filePath) {}, a transform function that will be applied to each returned file path (useful in case you are using the callback)

    • match: [/* minimatch patterns */], that makes use of minimatch to filter the installed node modules before processing them. This can be used to exclude certain modules (with the use of the negative operator, i.e: "!grunt-*") or to only process a few select ones or both. Take into consideration the patterns will be applied in the order in which they are given.

    • storagePath: some/path, that specifies a destination for bundled modules, defaults to npm_amd_bundles




    npm i npm-amd

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