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    Stream your logs to your terminal

    Getting started

    Step 1 Install the node module

    npm install now-logs --save

    Step 2 Come up with a secret key and require the now-logs module


    Step 3 Install the cli tool

    npm install now-logs -g

    Step 4 See the realtime logs using your secret key

    now-logs my-secret-key

    That's it! Logs will stream to your terminal

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is realtime logging?

    Realtime logging allows you to see your server's output (stdout and stderr) as the program outputs them.

    However, there is no persistence. The logs are not stored anywhere and there is no history to look at.

    Why not loggly/papertrail?

    These are both incredible services and you should be using them. now-logs is a simple logging system that can be used before utilizing these tools.

    Where do I get my secret-key?

    The secret-key is just a string you come up with. This will allow you and only the people who know the secret to see your server logs.

    Is this open source?

    Yes. Check out the code of now-logs on GitHub and contribute.

    How does it work?

    now-logs uses websockets to stream all output of your server to the now-logs-server hosted at The server then streams the logs to connected now-logs clients.

    While it is not required, you may host your own private now-logs-server. Learn more on the now-logs-server GitHub page.

    Is this affiliated or endorsed by

    No. This is my personal project, built in the spirit of the now eco-system.

    Who made this?

    Tal Bereznitskey. Found me on Twitter as @ketacode at



    npm i now-logs

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