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A nodejs wrapper for a Novation Launchpad.

npm install novation-launchpad

It lets you treat the grid of LEDs as an 8x8 framebuffer, and animate them.

launchpad = require('launchpad')()
noiseDemo = ->
  for x in [0...8]
    for y in [0...8]
      red   = ~~(Math.random()*4)
      green = ~~(Math.random()*4)
      launchpad.set x,y,red,green
setInterval noiseDemo100

You can also capture button up/down input from the pad.

launchpad = require('launchpad')()
launchpad.onButtonDown = (x,y) ->
  console.log "#{x} x #{y} pressed"
launchpad.onButtonUp = (x,y) ->
  console.log "#{x} x #{y} released"

Totally pointless :)