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notify-my-android - NMA for Node.js API

Be happy! Send notifications to androids using the Notify My Android service. Simple, easy and clean.

As of now this API supports notify and only notify.


npm install notify-my-android

or put it in your package.json as usual and hit npm install. It depends on xml2js and request.


The API requires your API-key, which could be found/created under "My Account" on the Notify My Android website.

Initialize it with your key and start notifying!

var NMA = require('notify-my-android');
var nma = new NMA('MY-API-KEY');

Now, use the nma object whenever sending a notify:

nma.notify('My app', 'The happiest day', 'This is the happiest day', function( err, remaining ){
    if( err ) throw err;
    console.log( 'I have ' + remaining.calls + ' calls left to the api during current hour. BOOM!' );

You can provide more options to the notification:

nma.notify('My app', 'The happiest day', 'This is the happiest day!', {
    priority: 1,
    url: ''
}, function( err, remaining ){
    if( err ) throw err;
    console.log( 'I have ' + remaining.calls + ' calls left to the api during current hour. BOOM!' );


I´d be happy if you wanted to contribute with pull requests or tips. I´ll add you to the contributors list here and in the package.json file.


While contributing, make sure to write a test and make it pass if you extend the library. Tests are written in the test directory, preferably in all.js, since its quite small right now. It uses should.js and mocha for tests.

Test by installing mocha and should.js (dev dependencies) and then just hit:

NMA_KEY=[my key here] make

And voila, it autotests for you.


notify-my-android is heavily based on [node-prowl}(