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Send Nagios notifications using SES as the email transport.


  • npm install notify-by-ses -g
  • use the following configuration as a jumping off point in Nagios:
# contact configuration file used by ansible-nagios.
define contact {
  contact_name                             ses
  alias                                    SES Pseudo-Contact
  service_notification_period              24x7
  host_notification_period                 24x7
  service_notification_options             w,u,c,r
  host_notification_options                d,u,r
  service_notification_commands            notify-by-ses-service
  host_notification_commands               notify-by-ses-host
  pager                                    {{nagios_admin_email}}
define command {
  command_name    notify-by-ses-service
  command_line   /usr/bin/notify-by-ses -k "{{nagios_aws_access_key_id}}" -s "{{nagios_aws_access_key_secret}}" -n "$NOTIFICATIONTYPE$" -h "$HOSTNAME$" -t "$SERVICESTATE$" -d "$SERVICEDISPLAYNAME$" -a "$HOSTADDRESS$" -o "$SERVICEOUTPUT$" -p "$CONTACTPAGER$"
define command {
  command_name    notify-by-ses-host
  command_line   /usr/bin/notify-by-ses -y Host -k "{{nagios_aws_access_key_id}}" -s "{{nagios_aws_access_key_secret}}" -n "$NOTIFICATIONTYPE$" -h "$HOSTNAME$" -t "$HOSTSTATE$" -d "$HOSTDISPLAYNAME$" -a "$HOSTADDRESS$" -o "$HOSTOUTPUT$" -p "$CONTACTPAGER$"

Configuration Options

  • -r: use the -r flag to specify an AWS region, defaults to ''.

Using With Ansible