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Node Notification Server

Based on NowJS, a standalone server for sending and receiving notification across different live users.


We have active online users through our flash and html5 based web application, Whenever data get changed our flash or html5 based clients get out of sync. To solve such problem we have introduced NowJS based Notification Server.

Now whenever we alter data we can notify all active users, "Something has been changed, we need to update your current state".


Start Server

$ notification-server -p < Port Number > ie 8080

Server started listening on

Include in your client

<script type="text/javascript" src="http://localhost:8080/nowjs/now.js"></script>

Register your client

now.register({name: 'something', morefield: '1', anotherfield: '2'});

Access current user information

now.uid // Current user id // Info you have passed through register(...)

Broadcast message

now.publish('hi there');

Get total online users

now.getTotalUsers(function(connectedUsersCount, registeredUsersCount) {});

Unregister user


How to Install

npm install node-notification-server