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A Simple PUBLISH/SUBSCRIBE http front-end implementing the W3C Server Side Event protocol.

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This a simple notification center (similar to pushd) providing a Server Side Events (SSE) implementation on top of a redis messaging system.


Based on

  • express For the web server
  • redis For its Subscribe/Publish feature


git clone
cd nofification-center
npm install
npm test


The process can fork itself and run as a daemon. The PID of the process will be written in this case in /var/run/ (or the file specified by the -p option. The output log would aslo be redirected to /var/log/notification-center.log file or the file specified with the -l option.

Here is the usage of this application:

Usage: app.js [options] [port]

  Launches a notification-center process listening at <port> (default: 8000)


  -h, --help            output usage information
  -V, --version         output the version number
  -d, --daemon          Turn the program into a daemon
  -l, --logfile [file]  (only for daemon) Log to this file
                        (default: /var/log/notification-center.log)
  -p, --pidfile [file]  (only for daemon) Write PID to this file
                        (default: /var/run/

Web server API

  • GET /subscribe/{topic}
    Subscribe a topic channel (may include wildcard * )
    This open a never ending stream of text/event-stream content (supposed to be consumed by an EventSource object from the Web browser.
  • POST /publish/{topic}
    Publish a message on a given topic. The message is encoded in the body of the POST request.
    This API allow to remotly publish events through HTTP. The other normal way is to use the PUBLISH command on the local Redis database.